Barricade 45 Gun Safe
Barricade 45 Gun Safe

Barricade 45 Gun Safe


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BARRICADE Gun Safes stand ready to protect your firearms, jewelry, and other precious items from disaster and theft. These safes are designed for security, durability, and modularity. BARRICADE Gun Safes are both fire and water proof and come pre-drilled for sturdy floor mounting. A digital keypad lock provides personalized access code creation along with a manual key override. Each safe comes with a carpeted interior and customizable shelving configurations, allowing you to organize your valuables however you want.

45 Gun Digital Safe

  • 1200°F 30-Minute Fire Shield Protection
  • Waterproof Heat Activated Door Seals
  • Lined Interior & Adjustable Shelves
  • Digital Lock With Key Override
  • Predrilled For Floor Mounting
  • Thick Steel Exterior Walls
  • 19-Pocket Door Organizer
  • UL Approved 110V + USB Power Strip
  • 72"H x 43"W x 25.5"D
  • 854 LBS